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We would like to celebrate this special moments with you. If you have any clients or friends that are looking for Accounting software, let us do the demo and support for you.

Simply provide us with their contact details and we will informed you once they have confirm.

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Terms & Conditions

- Referral is valid as long as they are submitted before 30 Nov 2021, 1730 hrs SGT.

- Referral is valid for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

- Referral is not valid with conjunction of other promotion, commission and referral.

- Referral fee will be paid out within 5 business day when full payment is make by the client.

- Referral fee will range from $88 to $388 depending on the package that they purchase

- Referral fee is valid for QuickBooks Software purchase only, other add on services is not included unless otherwise stated.

QCOM will provide support to QuickBooks Software related enquiries, Accounting and Bookkeeping services will only be provided if referral engaged our services separately. QCOM reserves the right to, at all times, amend these Referral Terms by publishing an amended version on the QCOM website.

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